Moving light speed ahead also means slowing down for health

Innovation can take many different forms, from cutting-edge new ideas in technology to fresh perspectives on conventional wisdom. Entefyers were reminded of this firsthand last week when we hosted a wellness seminar, Health 360. This seminar was presented by our esteemed advisor and investor Dr. Farzan Rajput, cardiologist and founder of Southcoast Cardiology, and Darin MacDonald, a health technologist, professional trainer, and former national natural bodybuilding champion. 

Dr. Rajput (fondly known around here as Dr. Fuzz) and Darin kicked off their presentation with one critical but often misunderstood insight: Every person has dietary and exercise needs that are as unique as a fingerprint. Which is why one-size-fits-all “fad” diets and health programs often fail to provide long-lasting benefits. Dr. Fuzz and Darin shared stories from their careers where, for instance, a vegan diet worked for one person while the Paleo Diet worked for another. 

Health 360 emphasizes the importance of individual metabolism, advocating that optimal health depends on unique factors such as how the body processes macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins), produces insulin, and activates different muscle groups during exercise. 

The seminar concluded with a lengthy Q&A—Entefyers were particularly interested to learn more about making better diet and exercise decisions. As Dr. Fuzz explained, working at a young company like Entefy means finding ways to fit health and wellness into our fast-paced high-octane work life. But the rewards of wellness are found in how it helps sustain momentum and productivity for years to come.