91% of Americans finally agree on something

As consumers, we’re often asked to accept the fact that most popular digital services provide the app or service for free in exchange for collecting and selling data on everything we do throughout the day. But time and again, these same services expose us to data breaches and security vulnerabilities.

So it’s not surprising that 91% of adults in America believe they have lost control over their personal information. “Half of Internet users said they worry about the amount of information available about them online, and most said they knew about key pieces of their personal information that could be found on the Internet.” These findings are pretty remarkable, until you consider how often we read about more and more and more cases of our data being tracked, hacked, and sold.Entefy’s enFacts are illuminating nuggets of information about the intersection of communications, artificial intelligence, security and cyber privacy, and the Internet of Things. Have an idea for an enFact? We would love to hear from you